The GCS Owls were founded in 2019 by Neil Griffiths, we currently play Overwatch, Rocket League, Valorant and Apex Legends and compete in the British Esport Championships. In total we have six teams, two teams for Overwatch, two for Rocket League, one for Valorant and one for Apex Legends.

The GCS Owls Overwatch Team 1 played their first season three years ago and had an incredible season where they finished top 8 in the UK, for a first season this is an incredible feat. Our 2nd season saw our Overwatch and Rocket League teams competing at the highest levels. Our Overwatch Team 1 finished in the top 4 in the UK and our Rocket League Team 1 finished top 8.

Last year all four of our teams reached the Quarter finals of the BEA Champs with our Overwatch team going all the way to the final. Our Overwatch team also competed in the Cardinal Open, a tournmanet based in the USA where they were crowned the 2022 Champions competing against some of the largest colleges in the USA.

We have recently started our fourth season with even stronger teams looking to push on from our past successes. With our new players and teams we look forward to flying higher in the league and achieving more tournament successes.